Capstone Federal Credit Union,
Aliso Viejo, CA

Statement Stuffers

Annual Report


To convey the financial status of Capstone FCU (formerly Fluor FCU) to its membership as well as communicate the meaning behind the credit unionís new name launched during 2003. In addition, the annual report design was to convey the values/brand attributes of the newly named credit union, such as; reliability, hi-tech hi-touch and people helping people. The target audience consists of approximately 5,200 members who are architects/engineers of the Fluor Corporation as well as employees of Select Employee Groups in various industries.


The brand value of reliability was conveyed to the membership in the annual report through imagery, copy and incorporation of the slogan. The image of a capstone was selected for the front cover of the annual report to provide a visual of the meaning of Capstone FCU (an architectural term) as a crowning achievement built upon a solid foundation as well as the acme from a financial perspective. The copy incorporated into the annual report, described the Capstone Difference, reinforced reliability utilizing phrases such as; members are the bedrock of our financial cooperative, the financial strength of the credit union is maintained through committee involvement and annual board elections. The slogan "Built on a strong foundation" reinforced the brand value of reliability to the membership through the emphasis of the logo and slogan being the centerpiece of the front cover over the image of a capstone.

The brand value of hi-tech hi-touch was conveyed through the imagery incorporated into the annual report. Specifically, on page 4, the image of a man on the phone in front of computer gives the impression of the ease of conducting business with the credit union remotely. This image is highly representative of the 75% male membership of the credit union that are employed as engineers/architects of Fluor Corporation.


The credit union's new name was launched to the entire membership in October of 2003 and it was important that the annual report not only states the financial status of the credit union but also provide a means of marketing communications to the membership in regards to the meaning behind its new name and values. It was important for the members to embrace the new name as well as develop an emotional bond with it so as to not become confused or discouraged and seek financial services from other competitors.