Capstone Federal Credit Union,
Aliso Viejo, CA

Web Site Marketing


Redesign of the site began in January, 2004 and launched into production on April 1, 2004, to create a more effective distribution channel for the credit union that enables its members to easily obtain online loans, financial education as well as product and services information through easier navigation. The new web site design was to convey the values/brand attributes of the newly named credit union, such as; reliability, superior service beyond reproach, hi-tech hi-touch and people helping people. To promote the brand promise of the credit union, the slogan “Built from a strong foundation” was created and placed on the header of each page of the web site to convey a sense of reliability to the membership. In addition, current promotional animated GIFS were added to the home page as an added means of convenience for members to take advantage of current promotions. The navigation of the site was created with the integration of menu bars on the left hand side of each page with sub-navigation menus at the tope of each page. The imagery of a family was added to the banner of each page so as to promote the feeling of not just helping one member with their financial goals but their whole family. The graphical design of the web site was created with masculine colors to assist in establishing a bond with the approximately 75% male credit union membership.

Campaign Results:

The base figure for funded online loan applications was $6.6 million. The marketing goal established after the design of the new site was $8.2 million. This goal was established utilizing a 25% increase in the receipt of online loan applications through the new web site. The total dollar amount of funded online loan applications, from March 15 – December 31, 2004 was $11.5 million. This represents a 40% increase over the marketing goal and a 74% increase over the base figure. The total return on investment for the web site was 7,391.41% for the period March – December 2004.

“CuadproTM Marketing did an outstanding job in streamlining our web site. The graphics are easy to read and the site is very easy to navigate. Our members love it.
CuadproTM Marketing coordinated the project in a very professional and timely manner.”

Michael Pardon, President/CEO
Capstone Federal Credit Union